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True pain and suffering he brought to them all

Well, just in case St. Mary's financial aid office is right and they have no option but to spend my refund as the Feds see fit, I sent in orders to Ameritrade that will deplete the Cardboard Box Fund of about a grand. That should help fill the giant sucking void that is my checking account, and allow me to pay the bills I need to pay this fortnight. I'll pay for this next year at tax time, I know, but I'll be better positioned to deal with it then than I am now.

Minor backsliding at this week's weigh-in: up 0.2 from last week. Not good, but not all that bad either.

I can tell the stress is starting to get to me. I did absolutely nothing constructive last night aside from whipping up some tuna salad and pasta for dinner. Have to remind myself to get up and do a little more walking here at work, otherwise I'm going to have more serious problems than just being short on cash.
Tags: domestic stuff, fat
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