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The Ronstadt flap

Yeah, more crushing of dissent, as Professor Reynolds might say. I can sympathize with the upset audience members, though I draw the line at tearing down posters. I would have just asked for a refund, myself. You pay the kind of money that Ms. Ronstadt commands for a casino gig, you have the right to not get lectured about politics when you come to hear the lady sing. That goes for all the other pop stars and rockers who feel the need to campaign for John Kerry or pimp Michael Moore's latest crockumentary from the concert stage. Jeez, people whine about Britney Spears, but at least she confines her politics to the interview pages.

Rockers have been political for dogs' years, but most of them have confined their agitation to the music itself or their offstage antics, and wisely so. After all, nobody puts up with being lectured on politics by plumbers or bus drivers, and having to put up with political propaganda when you've shelled out $50+ for a good time is even more aggravating.
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