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I lost 38 pounds and my eye turned to glass

As it happened, I got no writing done last night, and in fact was up until almost 0100 this morning before I finally put down Shadow of the Giant and went to bed. I got my minimum daily requirement of six hours' sleep, but I'm thinking about an early bedtime tonight, as in right after dinner. Thud.

In the meantime, I want to throw some reflection on myself out there by way of heading off some misperceptions and hopefully avoiding some trouble down the road.

I am really horrible at getting things done on my own. I know from bitter experience that I work best with a staff or at least one other person (or at least a PDA) to remind me of the things that need doing and keep me pointed in the right direction. This is why I do poorly with independent studies and projects that require me to do stuff on my own over a period of time...like this para-NaNoWriMo thing. There's an initial burst of enthusiasm, but then that initial surge is over, and other stuff comes up, and, well, you can see where this is going. It's no accident that the three truly great things I've done in my life have all involved a lot of help from other people: my kids, the Rebel Baseball Review (which owed its success to John Norcott and my correspondents as much as it did to my writing and editing) and Anime Detour, which without the involvement of the AD staff and the volunteers would have just petered out in a string of futile meetings.

So I really wish some people would quit acting like I'm solely responsible for Anime Detour. People act like it sprang full-grown from my forehead or something, when in fact it was ball-busting hard work involving a whole bunch of other people. Yeah, you could argue that I was important to its success, but so were the other sixteen people on staff in 2003-2004, to say nothing of the volunteers. That goes double for 2005 and 2006: I may have been the chairman, but without everyone else on staff it just wasn't going to happen. You could also say that I sacrificed my health and master's degree on the altar of Detour, and that's a little closer to the truth; I probably spent more time on the convention and ATC than was prudent, and paid for it accordingly. My health wasn't that good coming into this, though, and when all is said and done I'm not going to need the master's degree to teach in Virginia; in the meantime, I paid some bills and bought some useful stuff with the student loans, which is what they're there for.

That's all.
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