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Food and family structure

Slept in this morning after getting most of the way through David Drake's Some Golden Harbor; I live in a better neighborhood than phoenixalpha so I don't tend to get woken up by drunks at 3 AM. Anyway, since P wanted me to play taxi and was willing to bribe me with breakfast, we wound up at the Uptown Diner and having a discussion afterward while tooling around failing to find anyone to hang out with - stuckintraffik was apparently out and about and materia_indigo was busy getting ready for the week, so...you can read about it over at P's LJ, if you have a mind to. Eventually grocery shopping happened and I dropped P off at her place, after which I got wedged in football traffic. thaadd and I postponed our programming discussion until Tuesday, since by the time I got home I was tired and not really interested in going back out again.

So I'm dithering between pitching into the writing, doing some cleaning, or just sitting here reading Orson Scott Card's Shadow of the Giant while tweaking Pandora.
Decisions, decisions...
Tags: domestic stuff, family drama
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