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You and your history won't rule me

Managed to finally get caught up on leftover StippleAPA comments last night, crunching away for about five and a half hours occasionally interrupted by e-mail (mostly comments on the lead paragraph of the previous post) and fiddling with Pandora.com, about which more in a minute. Unsurprisingly, I made a lot more progress after I shut off Thunderbird and closed all the other tabs in Firefox except the one Pandora was running in, and a good thing too since getting caught up on comments is difficult work - you have to read over the disties (back to #221; this Saturday's will be #225), decide whether somebody else has already made a pertinent (or impertinent ^_^) reply, and then drive on with reading and/or commenting. I was damn glad to be done with it by the time I finished around midnight.Still, depending on work today, I may add a couple more pages of personal natter before printing it all out and copying it...and I have to do the cover, too. *sigh*

I do want to say a few words about Pandora.com, which is an offshoot of the Music Genome Project. It has things in common with Last.fm, but since I found Pandora first I'm sticking with it until I have time to mess around with the other system and see if it suits me better. Right now I'm in the early stages of building a playlist I want to listen to, mainly from a base of Roxy Music (and its offshoot bands), Judas Priest, David Bowie, Add N to (X), and whatever bands Pandora thinks are similar to the preceding. Ultimately, I suppose, this will be the internet version of what I would have liked WGTB to have been: an eclectic mix of rock styles without the annoying New Left politics. So far I've been largely pleased by the suggestions, and hope ultimately to educate the software to the point where it can distinguish between the songs I like by the preceding bands and the songs I don't. I guess we'll see how that goes. For now, I'm really happy that I've had a chance to listen to several tracks by Add N to (X), which now strikes me as a truly weird combination of King Missile and Gary Numan (or David Bowie from his Berlin period) without all the angst and with analog synthesizers instead of digital gear. Very bizarre and interesting, even with the heavily distorted vocals, which I normally don't care for.

I think I'm going to make a point of avoiding the more politics-oriented blogs for a few days, because I'm getting burned out and cranky. Say, stuckintraffik, any chance of getting together to kill stuff? You were making noises about Gears of War the other day, but I'd be fine with HALO or anything else that allows me to play with my friend Mr. Grenade. redmartel, want to see if we can get through a few turns of Bloody April if Fearless Leader's bogged down? I really want to lay things to waste, even if it's only cardboard or pixels on a screen, and like sex, it's always more fun when you're not the only one doing it. ~_^
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