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Sometime last night when the rest of us were watching pr0nthe election returns, Cobb laid down this meditation on American culture. It's kind of stream-of-consciousness, but somewhere in there in the shadows of it I can see it kind of hooked up and crosswired into what Jim Webb was talking about in Born Fighting when he talked about the redneck lifestyle of fervent piety mixed with earthy tastes for liquor, lovin', and the country music that's first cousin to the blues.

Not content with that, he breaks down the vote in the Steele/Cardin race down home by county, with particular attention to the white/black population. What he doesn't say, though it seems pretty obvious to me, is that the time of black politicians being able to deliver their constituents is definitely over. Otherwise PG County would have been solid Steele and maybe bought him the win. Montgomery County, no way. Those people are all limousine liberals up there (sorry, Dutch and Brenda, but you know your neighbors better than I do) and wouldn't vote for a Republican of any color if you held a gun to their heads. Same goes for Howard county - too many rich liberal folks. Charles and Baltimore Counties, though, those kind of surprise me; I thought they were more middle class and more open to the message. Shows what I know.

Last but not least, he calls out the incoming Democrats on health care and challenges them to throw down on Ronald McDonald. I think he's goofing, but he might could be serious, and they might be crazed enough to set the trial lawyers on that beef-slingin' clown.
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