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Sell the horses. Sell the cows. Sell 'em all. Sell 'em now.

This morning-after political crap is worse than crack, I tell you, and there doesn't seem to be any escaping it in the blogosphere or on LJ. (I know, I'm not helping.)

There are a lot of people out there echoing what Congressman Mike Pence is saying - the Democrats didn't win this race, the GOP lost it by not doing its damn job, what people elected us to do. Economist John Seater goes into specifics over at Donald Luskin's blog, and David Strom of the Taxpayers' League puts a local spin on the national failure of the GOP. Some good people got thrown out along with the bums, but as the proverb says, lie down with dogs, get up with fleas...and as we all know from history, some fleas do more than just suck your blood.
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