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I want to know!

I've been curious about Add N to (X) since seeing a sticker advertising their second album, On The Wires Of Our Nerves some years ago. According to the Wikipedia article, they were heavily into analog synthesizers a la Salubrious Invertebrae or Wendy Carlos, but I don't recognize any of the other bands they're compared to - well, I've heard of Throbbing Gristle but couldn't describe their sound if my life depended on it.

So has anyone in my list of friends actually heard this band, or have any friends who were excited about them? I could pick up their CDs off Half.com for fairly cheap, but even at $3 or $5 a disc, that adds up pretty quick for music I may not like all that much, especially when the shipping is included.
Besides, I'm a little old to be buying music because the cover art looks cool.

chebutykin, radio_gnome, zippychik - any of you guys know anything about the band, or know anyone who might? Thanks...

EDIT/ADD: I can't believe I left digex off that list of people who might know summat about the band.

EDIT/UPDATE 11/10: Okay, hold the phones. Heard some tracks on pandora.com and it's good stuff. Thanks to those who replied and e-mailed!
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