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You can get voters to the polls...

...but you can't make them vote for your candidates. The next couple of years will be interesting, and I'm sure the analysts are going to beat this to death over the next month or so. I don't expect much of the national political situation to affect me personally, any more than it did in 1992 when Bill Clinton was elected President or than it did the last time the DFL held both houses of the Legislature. The two things that do seem clear to me are that Glenn Reynolds' pre-mortem was pretty accurate and that the 72-hour GOTV drive may have actually helped sink a few Republicans by getting independents who supported W in 2004 but have now soured on the Congressional Republicans (or heck, the whole party, who knows?) into the booth to mark the ballot for someone else.

One thing I do expect to change is the MCPPA. I have no faith in the new DFL majority when it comes to RKBA, and will be spending my next free C-note on finally getting my permit. I've put that off long enough.
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