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Not staying up to bite my fingernails

Well, that took longer than it probably should have. I got six of the games I'm selling up on eBay tonight, finding some surprises along the way - didn't realize that I'd piled both my copies of Air War into one box and put a bunch of other games in the second one. I'll have to photocopy the rules and charts for the one I'm selling, since it appears to be just the counters, maps and displays. Oh, well.

One of the fringe benefits of the work was finding the pictures of qob's "Getting A Head In The Klingon Empire" panel which I thought I'd lost. I'll have to burn those to a CD for him.

I may spend some of the next few nights going through the smaller games and seeing if I have any duplicates; ISTR that I have an extra copy of Conquistador. Or maybe it's The Crusades. Too tired to remember right now.
Tags: convergence, wargames
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