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Sometimes I think "Have we lost, our side?"

I didn't feel like doing a whole lot last night after I got home besides waiting for redmartel to show up so I could hand off the mail and shoot the shit about various things, which is what happened. After he left, I slapped together a couple of sandwiches, played a little Civicrack, and went to bed.The games will go up on eBay tonight, assuming that I don't waste time going over to the GOP election HQ at the Sheraton. While it would be kind of fun, it seems a bit pointless since so many of the races elsewhere are too close to call and may well be challenged by the lawyers if they don't come out the way the Democrats think they ought to.

We'll see how I feel after I get my shoulders worked on tonight after work. I may just decide to go home and go to bed early, since I got my voting out of the way first thing. In case you're wondering, of course I voted Republican. As the Iron Lady said, this is no time to go wobbly.
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