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Why is this Monday worse than all other Mondays?

Well, it really isn't. I've had MUCH worse Mondays, but those usually involved severe illness, overwork, lack of sleep, a horrible lack of domestic tranquility -or all four at once. This doesn't really fall into any of those categories.

As most of you know, it's been kind of a rough year on the medical front - several infections, things being screwed up with insurance because of P's student status, and all that happy crap. Well, the chickens have finally come home to roost, and financially I'm stuck right behind the eight-ball. So, having sold off all of Dad's CDs that anyone on eBay wanted, it's time to liquidate the large stock of monstergames that I'm probably never going to have the time or space to lay out and play. Hell, right now I don't even have a table on which to set up the regular-sized games. So I'm going to kiss the Europa series goodbye, see if anyone wants a barely-used copy of Central America and a very roughly used copy of The Next War, and hopefully raise enough cash to get me through the end of the month while I beat down some of these bills from Apria, HealthEast, and various doctors.

redmartel, you expressed an interest in some of the Civil War games, so I'm going to give you right of first refusal on those puppies before I throw them up on eBay.
Tags: medical stuff, wargames
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