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I don't want to sit across the table wishing I could run

Didn't go out and do laundry last night, and didn't realy have enough quarters to run up and down stairs to the laundry room either, so I'm going out this morning to grab breakfast and cash at the SA and hit the laundromat. Good thing it's a fairly nice day, weatherwise. Doing this when the temperature gets to be around zero is going to be a real bitch...actually, at that point I'll just make sure I pick up a roll of quarters on payday.

Installed Firefox 2.0 yesterday after getting home from lunch with jamestrainor and installed a couple of add-ins for it as well. One of them, FoxyPlayer, is pretty cool - it allows you to run Windows Media Player, Winamp, or whatever flavor of music software you're using from the browser instead of having to get in and actually open up the player. Nice!

So why didn't I get out to do laundry? Part of it was Civicrack, but part of it was Eric Flint & Andrew Dennis' 1635: The Cannon Law, which annoyingly has come out before Flint & Weber's 1634: The Baltic War. I say "annoyingly" because a number of things that happen in the latter are referred to in the former, although you can certainly appreciate The Cannon Law on its own considerable merits. This novel mainly follows the adventures of our uptime West Virginians and their United States of Europe in Italy, where the Papal States are full of nefarious Curial politicking as Cardinal Borja looks for a way to revenge himself on the Pope for the smackdown he received in The Galileo Affair. There's a lot of action along with the political maneuvering (which also features Frank Stone trying to quietly run his Freedom Arches franchise without stirring up the Inquisition) as well as the long-awaited marriage between Dottoressa Sharon Nichols and the old -but still very witty and extremely lethal- Ruy Sanchez. Great book, highly recommended.
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