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Taking care of the home front

Came home today from work, loaded the dishwasher, cleaned all the crap out of the living room A/C's filter, did the same to the one in my bedroom, ate dinner, and eventually wound up doing laundry.

I've been mildly tempted to comment on the whole Sandy Berger/Joe Wilson stupidity epidemic, but people can read all they want about that on The Blog Of Professor Death. I just see it as more evidence that once again, W's opponents have been underestimating him and are about to reap the usual rewards of smugness. USS Clueless talks about this in great detail, though he looks forward at what's likely to happen once the campaign season is up and rolling rather than remembering what happened to Ann Richards, who got beaten like the family mule twice running and never seemed to figure out quite what hit her. Obviously, the President is a lot smarter than he looks and sounds, and too many of the chattering classes have been suckered by the look and feel enough so that they don't see the hardcore, no-quarter politician under the cornpone exterior. Yankees have been making that mistake about the good ol' boys for decades, and it looks to me like 2004 is going to be another one of those years.
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