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I am going round and round...

Another slow afternoon here at the Evil Banking Neighbor. It's payday, so instead of packing my lunch as I usually do I went over to the Gaviidae McDonald's again and got the McRib meal. Turns out the green stuff they have on the pork slab is pickles, not relish, but either way I don't want it on my barbequed pork. Yummy stuff...not up to the standard of Famous Dave's, much less Ted Cook's, but then it doesn't cost nearly so much, either.

The writing muse has deserted me again today. I suspect that in order to provoke her I'll have to spend some time this weekend gaming out a few of the battles that take up a significant part of the novel's second half; we'll see how that works. In the meantime, not so much as a paragraph, but it's early yet.

I also need to get some laundry done this weekend and make some time to get together with jamestrainor; that'll probably have to be tomorrow afternoon since I have the feeling much of Sunday is going to be eaten by the Convergence staff meeting. Saturday morning, I'm going to make a library run, if for no other reason than that they have a copy of Eric Flint's 1635: Cannon Law on hold for me. Yum.
Tags: blood red skies, domestic stuff, family drama, food, work
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