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With her killer graces and her secret places that no boy can fill

I didn't get very much writing done yesterday or last night, which puts me considerably behind the curve for today. I just wasn't feeling up to it, frankly; got home, ate dinner, retrieved my prescription from Walgreens, and went to bed around 2100. I had a good night's sleep, at least.

This morning hasn't started well, either. I'd planned on catching breakfast at McD's on the way to the P&R, since I had a coupon for a free McMuffin, so I packed all my morning pills up in a spare prescription bottle...and left it on my desk. Then when I got to the McDonald's, I opted for coffee instead of juice, and forgot to ask for creamer and sweetener. This being civvy street, I'm not inclined to drink my coffee black, so it basically served as a handwarmer until I got to work and could adulterate it properly. Can't wait to see what further little annoyances await me today.

One of the things that's gotten in the way of the writing has been a discussion of the suicide of an Army interrogator over at edwarddain's LJ. I think it's pretty obvious that the article's author wants us to buy into the post hoc, ergo propter hoc fallacy, because it would reflect badly on the Army and therefore the Administration, but the discussion has mainly revolved around trying to understand what would drive an apparently happy young woman to eat her rifle within a few months of arriving in-country. It makes me think back on all the people I knew in the various MI units I've served in, and wonder how many of the would have held up well under the strain of working in a war zone. It's different for EW/SIGINT types than it is for interrogators, of course, but linguists as a group tend to be not terribly stable people to start with, in my experience, and that's just peacetime.
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