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Cleared out the last of the recyclables bags this morning, which means I need to take a bag and start stuffing it with the last month's worth of grocery ads, political postcards from the local DFL, and other such junk mail. The amount of crap that piles up in a month is really phenomenal, I tell you.

This morning's visit to the podiatrist was short and sweet - I think I was in there for a total of ten minutes. He said the left big toe was coming along nicely after being cut on last week and could stand to be rinsed with peroxide until it finished closing up (which it should do soon); he also gave me some helpful advice on the compression stockings and moisturizing. So that was good. Even with the brief stop at the Hiawatha Avenue McD's for sausage & egg McMuffins, I made it back to the Knox Avenue P&R in time to catch a 535 to work by 9:30. I suppose I could take a short lunch today and tomorrow but I'd just as soon burn one of those two stray hours of PTO I have.