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And if it's faded or forgotten in some book

Dropped a little bit of weight this week to bring me down to 419.4, which is good because I'd been worried that I might actually tack on a little weight this week.

Our annual benefits enrollment is coming up next week, and I'm not sure whether I want to stick with Definity, the plan I've been on the last couple of years, or go with Health Partners, which would be cheaper overall but was a major pain in the ass the last time I had to deal with them a few years back. Definity requires a little more attention on account of the large deductible (which never seems to be quite covered by the pre-tax spending account) and the convoluted coverage system - there's a chunk of cash called the Health Coverage Account, the deductible, and then copays after the deductible is paid - but on the other hand they aren't the pains in the ass that Health Partners is. Either way, it'll just be for part of the year since I'll probably be switching to whatever coverage is offered by the school district I'll be working for next fall.

On a related subject, I just got my quarterly statement from the 401k plan, and it's all good news. The bull market and stock split have boosted that part of the Cardboard Box Fund to the point where I'm starting to feel mildly comfortable with the notion of actually retiring for a year or two before I make a permanent move to the columbarium at Arlington instead of just working until I drop. We'll see how things work out.
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