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When you appear there's nothing left of you

A couple of seasonal observations...now that the morning outside temperature is down in the 30s, the guayabera shirts are going to have to go back in the closet until spring, since there's not nearly enough hair on my belly or back to insulate them against the cold, cold winds. (This must be how women feel about short skirts, only it's worse for them.) Also, I'm going to have to start being more conscientious about moisturizing my feet, judging from the way my hands look in the morning.

Went to bed fairly early last night after bashing out the first draft of the registration department procedures, which will almost certainly be revised since there's not nearly enough detail in some parts of it. I'd thought we had a procedure file for that department already, but it's either in hardcopy somewhere where I can't find it or I was wrong and neither of the two preceding registration chairwomen got around to doing one. No big deal. Having worked on it full or part-time since this thing started, I could pretty much organize it in my sleep, which is not going to help anyone after this year because I'm not going to be around when most of the heavy lifting is underway. Much like programming, most of the department's work gets done before the convention, but it has to be organized and it has to be coordinated with a couple of other departments lest things get screwed up.
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