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I hate my phone company...

...but I shan't be as violent in my desires for them as I normally might, since I know people who work for them and those folks are okay people. For some reason they didn't do the automatic withdrawl from my checking account this past week as I'd been expecting, but I figured sooner or later they would - it had slipped by a few days last month, no big deal, right?

Then I tried to call P and got a recording announcing that my service had been suspended. No warning phone call, no e-mail - WTF??? You can bet the billing rep is goingto get a fine set of blistered ears on Monday. This is service below and beyond my already low expectations of the company formerly known as AT&T. Another reason why I'm switching to Sprint/Nextel next spring when this contract runs out.

Did a little dish washing, a lot of data entry, and now I think I'm going to kick back until the Root comes on.