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Six weird things about me

I was tagged by a couple of folks to do this meme earlier in the month, and have been putting off dealing with it all month since I have a hard time coming up with any weird things about myself. After all, I've led a remarkably whitebread existence, despite my somewhat exotic genes.

1. I don't put salt on anything. The only salt in my home is a small container used for breadbaking.

2. Despite my fondness for caffeine and ephedrine, just about the only recreational chemicals I don't have experience with are amphetamines and their relatives. (EDIT Well, there's inhalants, but I regard those as more like home lobotomy kits for people who don't like icepicks than as legitimate recreational chemicals.)

3. While I am descended from the Crypto-Jews of the American SouthwestTM, everything I know about Judaism comes from those Ashkenazi Judah-come-latelys.

4. Between 1972 and 1990, my only interest in baseball was to occasionally check the standings and be reassured that the Texas Rangers (formerly the Washington Senators) were still losers.Yes, that means I missed the 1987 World Series.

5. Mom was bilingual in Spanish and English, but it wasn't until I'd been in Minnesota for about ten years that I finally mastered Spanish. It was the third of the languages I qualified in as an Army linguist, the others being Russian and German.

6. When I sing along with the radio, I tend to sing harmony and not lead, unlike most other folks I know.
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