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The only reason Salon is worth reading

The Camille Paglia interview.


I think she is absolutely correct in her critique of the Democrats, but the sad thing is that nobody in that party (except, possibly, the junior senator from New York - if she can get her husband to shut up) really has the clout to break them out of the insular, Ivy League-centric view of America and the world that they're locked into. As I've commented in other posts, I find it very telling that the Democrats are not so much selling a coherent vision of their own, but rather a fear of the Main Street/military/religious conservative Republicans as a bunch of nascent fascists, which speaks volumes about their political and historical illiteracy. I also agree with her on the failure of education in this country to properly teach the humanities and give people a sense of perspective about the world, its art, and its cultures. To the extent that this is being done at all, it's being done by popular writers like Victor Davis Hanson and through the medium of television, which presents anime and Bollywood and all manner of programs on art and history and culture in a way that PBS largely can't seem to be bothered with these days.
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