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Work in progress

I started a large essay on the history and benefits of Christian evangelism in Europe and the Americas, which partially comes from discussions with phoenixalpha and materia_indigo and also from some thinking about Victor Davis Hanson's book Carnage and Culture, which while primarily a book on military history also touches (unavoidably) on broader issues of culture and Western Civilization. Thing is, there's parts of the essay that aren't making sense to me, which probably means I need to organize my thoughts better, do more reading, or maybe both. Whatever the end result, I doubt it's going to make a lot of the pagans on my f-list terribly happy, but that can't be helped.

No cooking tonight, just a mashing together of various odds n' ends into a can of tuna. Now I have to get my butt in motion so I can get my books back to the library on time and maybe check some out while I'm at it.
Tags: culture w/o politics
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