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a tale of two box lunches

There are people who like mushrooms, and people who do not. I am one of the latter. Imagine my horror at opening the Weight Watchers "Truth About Carbs" Beef Pot Roast and finding that not only was it bereft of any potatoes (key to any well-bred pot roast meal) but that it was infested with all manner of allegedly edible fungi, some of them sliced in a sufficiently deceptive manner as to mimic actual pieces of beef. Eeeeeuuuuwww! The Chief Wombat gives this box two extremely annoyed thumbs down for a grade of F, with no brownie points for the presence of cauliflower or carrots.

Now, on the other paw, we have the Weight Watchers Southwest Style Adobo Chicken. This has a decent amount of chicken, swimming in a piquant chile sauce, and combined with a sufficiency of rice . The rice is garnished with bits of corn and the occasional bean or two by way of reminding you that this is somebody at Heinz Food Labs' idea of nonthreatening Mexican food, and serves quite nicely to mop up the remaining sauce after one has finished the chicken. Quite a tasty use of 280 calories, or 5 points if you're on the WW flex plan; all told I give this particular box an A-minus, with points off for the minor annoyance of having to stir the chicken halfway through.
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