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21 books, part III: Three books about Vietnam

These three books all came out during or shortly after the Vietnam War. They were all written by veterans, one Marine and two Army. Two of them are fiction, one of them is not. I read quite a few books about the Vietnam War in my teenage years, but these (and one other, which I'll get to later) were the ones that stood out. I think you'll see why as we go through them.

And so it goes, and the gooks know it. They will drop the point, trying not to kill him but to wound him, to get him screaming so they can get the medic too. He'll come. They know he will.Collapse )

Your family and I go back a long way, Lady. Did you know that I shot your father on Melpomone? Between the eyes, so he could see it coming.Collapse )

We are *all* sucking wind out here, L-T.Collapse )

Tags: back in the day, books, history

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