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Brain failure

Well, things are going about as well as they usually do on Saturday mornings. Instead of going right to bed when I got home last night, I stayed up until all hours reading Pandora's Legions, which is Eric Flint's deft fusion of Christopher Anvil's Pandora's Planet with the tales of John Towers' Special Effects Team and a story about an Earth psychiatrist's experience with Centran methods, which are, shall we say, rather hands-on. This meant I was too sleepy to realize that I'd set my alarm for 8:30 PM, and as a result I woke at 10:30 instead.

So I need to get my ass in gear, get cleaned up & dressed, get my drugs and some breakfast, and head over (belatedly) to huladavid's moving party. Late again as usual.
Tags: books, friends
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