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Costuming Bleg

Usually when I ask my f-list for help, I'm looking for information, but in this case I'm looking for skills (or knowledge) and time. For reasons I won't go into, I need to get my hands on a red sash my size by about 5 PM this afternoon. If you can point me to someplace that can sell/rent me one, somebody that can loan me one, or somebody that would be willing to make me one (I have some scrap fabric suitable to the job, I think), any of those would work. It doesn't have to be fancy, fringy, or glitzy, but it does need to be red and it does need to fit me. If you're wondering what kind of sash I'm talking about, think about the kind of sash you usually saw Worf wandering around in, only without all the metallic stuff and decorations.

I'd have given people more notice, but this was a spur-of-the-moment thing that occurred to [name deleted to protect the guilty] and myself yesterday.

E-mail me or respond in the comments, please.
Tags: the bush of fandom
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