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Down in the cool air, I can see...

I spent most of the day with my leg propped up, chewing the occasional Tylenol tablet, beavering away at fixing the tags on my LJ, which didn't take as long as I originally thought despite the tag management feature crapping out on me in early September 2004, which meant I had to go back to the beginning of the LJ and tag a bunch of stuff. While I was at it, I fixed links, pruned bit rot, dropped in some explanatory notes to explain what the deal was with the broken links...it took most of the afternoon and went on into the evening as well. I also laid the foundations for splitting the entirely too vague "my life" tag into more specific "family drama" and "medical stuff" categories, which will make it easier for me to find things - since much like my cellphone, this LJ exists for my convenience. (Some weeks, it seems like it exists ONLY for my convenience, but there's posterity to think of. Lucky bloody posterity.)

The leg is already starting to get better. It's no longer so tender and swollen that t hurts just to move it (as it did earlier today) and I think the swelling might have one down slightly, but I could just be fooling myself. Anyway, I'll grab some Tylenol from the Zee locker when I get to work, keep the leg propped up, and everything should be okay. I may even have enough work backed up from the last couple of days to keep me busy, which would be nice. And after work, phoenixalpha and I take jamestrainor out for ribs, as has become traditional on his birthday; this will also be a late birthday dinner for me, since we were busy moving P that weekend and none of us had money or energy at the time.

A couple of folks have tagged me with the "six odd things" meme, and I'm still mulling over how to respond to that. I haven't forgotten. I also want to do a short review of Sean McMullen's Eyes of the Calculor, which I finished right before the bacteria struck. Maybe over the weekend.
Tags: family drama, medical stuff, tech stuff
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