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Just a flicker on the silent screen

Palm Desktop was being uncooperative today, refusing to boot up onto my workstation, and so I had to copy the information from the TX to the main book listing over lunch today since I couldn't get the file transferred in the usual way. This was a major pain in the butt, since the TX kept powering down every three minutes and there's no damn way to override that. Still, I managed to get everything copied over, sifted through the LOC.gov catalog to chase down missing DDN, weeded out duplicate copies, and highlighted paperbacks that I already have hardback editions of. This brings the grand total to 396 titles, including three excess paperbacks but not counting 7 duplicates. The ruling cataloging will continue tonight, with a brief delay to install Palm Desktop on Cowzilla so I don't have to rely on the possibly-corrupt workstation copy.

Today's been kind of weird. I slept okay last night, but for some reason I was totally off my morning routine and forgot a couple of things I was going to mail out today along with most of my writing implements and my knife. Fortunately I have a stash of Uniball Micro pens (the pen of choice!) in my desk, but it really confused me for a moment when I sat down at my desk and realized my shirt pocket was empty. Maybe I am a little stressed over the end of the college thing; certainly my shoulders have become tense enough that I'm going to have them poked and prodded tomorrow after work until they relax.