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All over but the paperwork

Well, I can't say I'm too surprised. Got the associate dean's letter today informing me that whatever I told him in our meeting two weeks ago wasn't convincing enough, so he's going ahead and letting the axe drop. I'm off academic probation and out of the M.A. program, which means that come April the lenders are going to come sniffing around for the payments on my student loans. It also means that I don't have to finish the childrens' lit course and will get the money refunded. Yay. That'll free up my Tuesday nights and put another grand or so in my pocket to help pay down bills, although there's no telling how long it'll take St. Mary's to process the paperwork. I guess it's a good thing I didn't check the mail before I went off to get the truck and do dinner with qob.

Oddly, I'm not depressed, although that may come with time. I rather thought I might be. Ah, well. Life is full of trade-offs. On the one hand, I helped launch a successful educational 501(c)(3) non-profit that runs one of the two biggest fan-run conventions in Minnesota. On the other hand, the time and effort required to do so could have been used to pass about half a dozen classes over the last three years, in which case I would probably have my teacher's certification and be partway through my M.A., but it's equally possible that illness and stress would have put paid to that anyway. I don't really know, and I'll never know now.
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