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Jam for the ladies

They get all my linky love today, for what that's worth.

Having learned nothing from their previous experiment in double plus good groupthink, the University of Wisconsin puts thoughtcrime enforcement in the hands of the people. Predictably, the Bride's commenters bring the snark. Remember: "It makes a great armband!" Probably goes well with an OBEY poster, too.

Jane Galt has problems with the new Lancet study on civilian casualties of the war in Iraq, people who accuse her of not having read the study, and experts who think you should shut up because their kung-fu is the best. Which, as Jane observes, is pretty much how the New Coke debacle happened.

On a less contentious note, Rachel has a literature quiz along with links to articles on Cheez Whiz, and pubic hair dye with high-society flash. She also wants to know whether or not we're living in a theocracy.

Meanwhile, Michelle Malkin notes that FrankenNet has entered Chapter 11, and salutes the Navy on its 231st birthday (complete with a message from the Master Chief - no, not the one from HALO, fanboy!).

Over at Opinionjournal, Peggy Noonan notes the one-sided crushing of dissent.

And on that note, I am out of here.
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