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...at the Body Shop and the Marble Arch...

Don't I wish. No, I've wasted an hour yesterday and an hour today dealing with administrivia, and the worst part about yesterday's meeting was having to watch a DVD of one manager's trip to Cancun, which she got by winning the Service Star award. Yay, somebody else's vacation movie mixed with lots of corporate propaganda. Thank goodness I had my TX with me for distraction, or I would have gouged my eyes out. Today's waste of time was dedicated to my mid-year review. Yeah, I'm unmotivated, lazy, and prone to calling in sick. I'm also SHORT, so I don't much care what the Evil Banking Neighbor thinks about my performance at this point. All I want to do is get though February, cash in my options, and nail down a job for next fall somewhere in Virginia. Preferably in some part of the state where I can actually afford to live and make progress on my bills.

Went to bed early (well, 11 PM) last night, filled with ennui and drained of enthusiasm. Today's forecast: more of the same, with laundry and cataloging predicted for this evening since I want a clean sweatshirt and jeans for tomorrow. Think I'll stay in and not head out to the laundromat, since I only have the two items to deal with.
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