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But the impact doesn't make a sound

Up until 0100 or so cataloging and reading Fleet of the Damned. At this point I have 211 titles in the list and a handful of duplicates, which I'm sure will increase as I move into the bedroom and start tackling the shelves and boxes in there.

The vast majority of the collection, of course, is SF (128 out of 211) with fiction a distant second at 28. Literature (Shakespeare, manga, a Spanish literature anthology,and various collections of essays) is close behind that at 23. I'm not sure quite how to catalog the manga; for now I'm classing it with the rest of the Japanese literature in 895.6, although the Liberty Meadows and Charles Addams collections are in 741.5973 with the rest of the cartoons.

Yes, of course I'm using the Dewey Decimal System. It would be dumb to use anything else, in my opinion, since the 500 or so books I'm likely to have on hand really don't require the kind of painstaking detailed breakdown that the Library of Congress system offers. Besides, the LCCN system is insanely complex and therefore difficult to memorize, unlike the Dewey, whose major divisions are fairly simple to master. I sometimes wonder if the switch from DDN to LCCN was a factor in the decline of philology...when the systems describing the fields of knowledge became too complex, did people experience more problems in getting their heads around those fields and just throw up their hands?

Fairly slow day at work today, which is good since I'm still fighting off that cold. God curse all my illiterate fellow workers who can't remember to close the door to the print room, or read the sign directing them to do so.
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