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Yup, that's all there was

Finished The Tale of Despereaux tonight, and it was kinda disappointing - the moderate evil was not dispatched, the heroic mouse didn't become a handsome prince, and about the only really good thing that happened was that soup was legalized. @_@ Other than that and some mutterings about the religious overtones in the book, class was about as dull and boring as it usually is. At least we have Halloween off, since about half the class are parents with kids and the instructor has a house on the Ghost Walk in Anoka. (Her place is haunted by Colonel Giddings, late of the First Minnesota. Yes, *that* First Minnesota.) So, we'll be doubling up the readings over the next couple of weeks.

Still no word on whether St. Mary's is going to chuck me out or not. I can wait.

Tonight, more book cataloging.

Tomorrow, the hotel walk-through, and maybe a trip to the library if we get done early enough. I'm out of (new) stuff to read.