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Well, some of this looks right, anyway...

Create an Anime Show
LJ Username
Channel it appears on
Spiky Haired Antagonist joelrosenberg
American with a blond afro tjstriker
Mysterious Alien qob
Defenseless Whiney Love Interest michaellee
Amount of Money this would make $2,073,122,348,704,489,200.00
Number of weekly viewers 2107450505
This fun quiz by Havoc - Taken 59 Times.

...but I think we're going to have to recast the Defenseless Whiny Love Interest if we're going to show this in the after-school timeslot. Don't know if I have any of those in the Friends list, but I bet revolutionaryjo or drunkenphlower or chebutykin could fake it if the price was right...

::loads pistol and waits alone for impending death::

Gacked from animeamiee.
Tags: memeage
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