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the afternoon of day 17,154

Long talk with Mom this afternoon - for some reason she thought my birthday was Friday and had been unhappy about not being able to get hold of me, but I called her back this afternoon and set her straight and she was happy. I guess my oldest niece is off on her own now, sans high school diploma; it sounds to me like she's following in her crazy mother's footsteps. *sigh* Well, if she's not going to listen to her parents and her grandmother, she's not going to hear anything I have to say either, so I'm not even going to go through the motions of trying.

I don't normally indulge in this sort of thing, but as I see my Uncle John's first wife has been "ordained", I think I should express my sincere wishes for her to suffer a very hot and painful afterlife - THE HOMEWRECKING, APOSTATE BITCH. It speaks volumes about how self-indulgent and deluded some people are, that they think they can do whatever they want and still think they're Catholic. I've got news for you, Aunt Jean. I'd sooner die unshriven than receive a mockery of the Last Rites from you. After all you've done, entering a convent for prolonged prayers of repentance would be the least you could do, but this...this is like spitting in God's eye. I'm no stainless hero myself, but I'd rather die than exhibit the kind of treachery this woman has to her family and to the Church.

Meanwhile, her ex-husband, divorced by his second wife (who appantly felt a sick and dying man cramped her style) has gone "home" to his sister's to die. Uncle John, you deserved a better life than this...it's almost like Christ was taking the day off when you decided the ministry was not for you, and Big Daddy Jehovah exacted a prolonged, sadistic revenge. Things like that happened a lot in the Old Testament days, but we're supposed to be in the New Covenant time, and you would think God would agree that if you didn't think you were fit to serve him you were probably right. Instead, prolonged smiting for not taking up the cross ensued. It makes you wonder.

Not much on the agenda today. ATC Board meeting tonight, a day off tomorrow to contemplate being forty-seven while celebrating Garbage Day, and then back to work and class on Tuesday.

I did finish China Mieville's The Iron Council last night before bedtime. Strange, strange mixture of the Paris Commune (or perhaps the 1927 Nanking uprising) and the dystopic steampunk fantasy world of New Crobuzon, with the fantastic train-based commune that gives the novel its name as a catalyst, a plot device, and finally a monument. As with The Scar, this novel is an amazing piece of misdirection on a number of levels, and quite a piece of work in many ways. Well worth reading.

EDIT Slightly revised for spelling and clarity. When you're cursing someone, it doesn't do to be imprecise.
Tags: books, family drama, it's a catholic thing
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