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So I'm lookin' for a girl with a gun and a job

Blew through John Barnes' The Sky So Big And Black last night, and I'm not sure what to think about it. It's the third of his novels about the Meme Wars (WARNING: SPOILERS) and is ostensibly about the coming of age of Teri-Mel Murray, an ecoprospector on Mars. The early parts of the novel are mainly taken up with Teri-Mel being interviewed by her psychiatrist, a policeman who is part of the multilayered Martian defense against One True, the posthuman meme that rules Earth. The story takes several very weird turns, though, and becomes somewhat disjointed toward the end - but for very good reasons. I'm somewhat tempted to check out the other books in this series, Candle and Kaledioscope Century, though the plot summary of the latter book is somewhat offputting, to say the least. I know from his short stories that Barnes can tell a story from a sociopath's viewpoint all too well, and I'm not sure I want to put myself through that.

I also picked up China Mieville's Iron Council and Ken MacLeod's The Eyes of the Calculor. All this fiction is giving me an itch to work on Blood Red Skies.
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