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One week, with schedule conflicts

Not only is there a blogger bash and a birthday party Saturday night, but there is also MinneTokyo. How to be three places at once, that's the question....or at least dodge the surcharge on drinks at Keegan's for crappy "entertainment". (See 433's post on the subject.)

I feel a little better this morning after all the sleep, and will take a stab at trying the combination of #27 bus and light rail to get to class and then back to the P&R. The ramp from 100 to East 494 is still closed, Old Shakopee is still one lane in both directions at France, and I don't fancy trying to get through the Crosstown Commons this time of day, especially on the Crosstown - 35W's not that bad, but 62 is just hideous.

And so to the shower, and thence to work.
Tags: the bush of fandom
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