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No excuses

This was another bad week on the scale - not as bad as last week, but still not good. I tacked on 2.8 pounds since last week, and while there are reasons for this, none of them are particularly good ones. I could have gotten more rest. I could have made better food choices over Arcana weekend. I could have gotten more walking in during the week. Well, tomorrow is another day, and it will be a good day to get back on the horse.

Meanwhile, back on the baseball track, an interesting examination of individualism v. team effort in the land known for its emphasis on what's good for the team. (Colby).

As a contingency against the failure of the Carbon, I've been checking prices on SD memory cards after jolest informed me that any card, not just the ones from Palm, would be fine in the TX's card slot. This 4GB card, for example, would hold over 80% of what I have on the Carbon now for only $99, and I could pick up smaller cards for far less. Beats the hell out of spending almost $200 forthis excessively trendy appliance, no?
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