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Not the end of the season, but I can see it from here

The Nationals' season has pretty much been over since Opening Day, really, despite a couple of surprising winning streaks here and there, so all that's really left is one more depressing episode meant to remind us that there really isn't a lot of difference between the Lerners and Peter Angelos, at least when it comes to classy behavior. As much as I dislike Frank Robinson as a manager, he deserved better than to find out he was being let go from the morning papers.

As for my fantasy team, unless something surprising happens between now and Sunday I'll probably finish in fifth place. Unusually for my fantasy teams, this year the offense has been there in great meaty chunks thanks to Joe Mauer, Lance Berkman, David Ortiz, Kevin Youkilis, and late arrival Jason Bartlett, with useful assists from Michael Cuddyer and Brian Giles. Unfortunately the pitching staff hasn't been so great. After Bradke, Tim Wakefield, and (briefly) Scott Kazmir, I had a bunch of non-starters who didn't perform terribly well or consistently, and I'm likely to finish at the bottom of the league in both ERA and WHIP. It'll be tempting to save the team rosters from the league and run it through Diamond Mind, one of these days when I have the time for that kind of foolishness.

Disappointing as those results are, they pale beside the amazing comeback of the Twins, who were left for dead by a lot of folks back when we had Batista exhibiting all the range of a file cabinet at third base. Now we're tied for first, and if things break right for us (and wrong for the Tigers) we could face the A's at home instead of having to play the Yankees in New York. Which might just be enough to get us into the Series, if the Tigers can cowboy up and beat the Yankees, but we'll see what happens.
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