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"He's no fun. He fell right over."

I pushed myself too hard today without realizing it and nearly went splat at the Subway over by the One True Hotel where phoenixalpha and I had stopped for dinner.

You see, we had dinner with stuckintraffik and his lovely fiance last night around 8 PM, went home around 11 PM, went back out to Walgreen's at midnight since phoenixalpha needed to refill a prescription, got home again around 1 AM, and then went to bed at 2 AM after catching the opening hour of the greatest metal show on Twin Cities radio and eating some yogurt. Got up at 9:30 today, but didn't eat breakfast until 12 PM...and then didn't have anything substantial until 6:30. This was bad, and my body let me know it. I still don't feel 100%, so I think I'm going to have some more yogurt and an early bedtime.
Tags: medical stuff
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