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Tune in next week

I had my interview with the associate dean this morning, and most brief and unsatisfactory it was. He didn't ask a lot of questions; just asked me what I had to say and then read back his notes to make sure he understood me. That was it. He said he'd meet with the new program director and render a decision next week; I'm hoping that a combination of inertia and circumstance impels him to leave matters as they are and let me finish out the year, but we'll see what happens.

The doctor's appointment went somewhat better than that, though I'm not looking forward to having the podiatrist hack on my toes again. In the meantime, it's Cipro for me, and hopefully by the time I see the foot doctor the infection will have subsided.

Class last night was less annoying than the previous week, perhaps because there was less fodder for the bigots this time around. I talked with the instructor afterward about the course and its suitability for aspiring high school teachers such as myself, and we agreed to work together on emphasizing the parts of the course that I could apply to kids in grades 9-12.

Ganked from huladavid:

You are 36% white and nerdy.
How White and Nerdy Are You?

I think my lack of 1337 coding skills screwed me here.
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