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All the things that must be done

There are a bunch of them, this weekend and next weekend...a board meeting tomorrow followed by an AD concom meeting, which means that today I need to go out to the storage locker and swap the pillows in the back of the Kia for the Room Party Kit. I also need to rummage in the back of the Kia to find my most recent StippleAPA, because the collation's on the 31st and I need to get caught up on comments.

Sometime this weekend I need to do some work on the eFolio for my Technology in the Classroom class, get a binder together for the Special Needs class, and file my final report to the state Campaign Finance Board so they don't sic the Attorney General on me for failure to report.

Next weekend is David Buth's birthday party, which phoenixalpha and I have been invited to, though I may skip out early for the blogger bash at Keegan's since I don't know Mr. Buth all that well...and in addition to the StippleAPA collation, there's the CONvergence Volunteer Party on the 31st.

Plus there's all the usual eBayage, laundry, room cleaning, truck fueling, and other things to deal with. It's a busy life, considering that I don't have one, so how'd this all happen?
Tags: teaching, the bush of fandom
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