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jamestrainor and I hauled the new futon up to the apartment this afternoon after stopping on the way out from Depth of Field to do lunch at the New Century. It was more awkward than heavy, as I had expected, though JT strained his right arm helping get the thing out of the basemnent storeroom at DoF. It wasn't too bad, I guess, since he declined pain pills.

I filled a large garbage bag with various items that needed to be chucked, including the plastic wrapper the futon came in, and got rid of that on the way over to visit stuckintraffik, who was chained to the pager this weekend. We fooled around with LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, which contains most of the important scenes from the first three movies done with LEGO characters. They're sidesplitting, and I can see why there's no "Play All" option - nobody would ever watch Lucas' DVDs again. ^_^ Also seen were short films Schwarzfahrer (Black Rider), Movie Club, Evil Hill, and George Lucas In Love, the last of which puts a really creepy (but amusing) spin on "writing what you know".

Still on the to-do list for tomorrow are the remaining bookshelf, dishes, cleaning the bathroom, and some final tidying up in the bedroom. I'm also thinking of going over to IKEA or Pier One for some candle holders. I have a metric buttload of votive candles that I got for some now-forgotten reasona few years back, and it seems stupid to just let them sit around unused.

Well, time to wash the socks out and see how the futon is.
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