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The supersonic boom should hit you in just a few seconds

Well, P is off to Berserkley for the weekend to see nornagest, which means I have the apartment to myself for a couple of days. Go me. I got a fair amount of reading done today in between phone calls, but not a whole lot of cleaning; I guess I can do that tomorrow night if I'm not all stressed out from balancing and whatever crap gets served up when I go back to work.

It was amusing in a grim sort of way to listen to Charlie Rangel calling out Hugo Chavez for dissing the President on Rangel's home turf. Rangel himself has said far worse, of course, but somehow it's different when foreign jackasses are doing it? What a novel concept. Next thing you know, he'll come out in favor of the war in Iraq. Seriously, though, listening to the clips this afternoon on Rush Limbaugh, it was pretty obvious that Rangel (and Pelosi) were just going through the motions to distance themselves from the Venezuelan loudmouth; there was none of the angry energy so evident when the two of them had been slamming W on other occasions. As Professor Death said earlier today, some of the Democrats took their smart pills today while others seem to have left them sitting next to the orange juice.
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