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Got up this morning at 0630 and called in sick, ate some breakfast and hauled P to the bus stop in Richfield before heading back home...was tempted to stop at McD's for some McBreakfast, but decided it would be excessive since I'd already had a couple of muffins with coffee. I wasn't hungry anyway.

Today is going to be spent catching up on the last couple of weeks' reading from the Children's Lit class, starting with The Tale of Despreaux which is reminding me of Barchester Towers as far as its style goes. People make a big deal out of "breaking the fourth wall", but reading Trollope reminds you that this was going on back in the Victorian Era, so it's nothing particularly new. Anyway, it's not a bad little book...the chapters are kind of short, but that's not too surprising for a childrens' book. On the other hand, there's the textbook for the class, but the less said about that the better.

I'm also reading China Mieville's The Scar (one of his New Crobuzon books) and 1 Maccabees.

In between the reading, I'm doing some cleaning up around here - throwing out junk mail and garbage, doing some dishes, maybe even (finally) getting the second bookshelf set up so I can empty out some more boxes and clear some more floor space around here. No plans yet for the weekend, aside from latching onto that futon and maybe a platform for it as well.
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