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A farewell to Post-It notes

Well, that's one less wad of paper I'll need to be schlepping around. The snail carrying my Palm TX and its hard case up from Tennessee came wheezing into the Loop Station today; unfortunately the one carrying my textbook up from Mason City has apparently stopped for tea somewhere along I-35. So, now I have my schedule, address book and other important information ready to hand; if only the gadget had a true USB port, I'd be all set. As it is, it's quite the change from the Zire. Full color screen, for one thing, and the screen can be rotated into landscape format so that web pages look more or less normal. The wifi also works fairly well; took it out for a test-drive this afternoon at the Dunn Brothers in 6 Quebec and it performed wonderfully. Now if I could only remember the passwords to my e-mail accounts. #^_^# The only gripe I have about the TX, and this may be more a product of my not having read the documentation yet, is that due to the small screen some web graphics (like today's DPD) show up in a very small size that makes it hard to read the text. Still, it's better than no wifi at all.

It occurs to me that I could load AMV into this thing - it came with one annoying pop video that I've alreadty deleted. Hmmm. In the meantime, I can proudly say, "At last my brain is whole again!"
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