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Cold, flat, and unsatisfying...

...that was the end of the Saints' 2006 season. The Saturday game was cold and the Saints wasted a lot of at-bats trying to bash the ball out of the park; the Sunday game added a dispiriting drizzle, and the Saints again failed to learn from experience and wasted many trips to the plate on long fly balls that died on the warning track. Sure, Buck Buchanan managed to get one out last night and Derrick White the same today, but in the other sixteen innings they just couldn't striong together enough hits to make it work. The Fort Worth Cats, on the other hand, played solid fundamental baseball and made very few defensive mistakes while making a lot of good plays. So all in all it was a good series for the Cats, not so much for the Saints, who for the first time in franchise history lost a championship series at Midway.

After the game I drove back to downtown Minneapolis to pick up P, who had a couple of apartment visits scheduled. Those having been completed about 6-ish, we wound up doing dinner at Cintia's, where the food was okay but other peoples' children needed spankings and weren't getting them. So much the worse for us.

I need to go out and get some groceries so we can eat a few meals at home.

Should have known it was going to be a bad day when we went out and found that one of the tires on the Kia had gone flat and had to be scrapped.
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