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I cried. I cheered.

Spiderman 2 - five stars, two thumbs up. This movie reminded me why I love almost all of the Marvel superheroes while almost all of the DC heroes leave me cold...because the Marvel heroes are almost all ordinary guys who find themselves in the shit one day...week...month...lifetime, and rise to meet the challenge. chibitoaster, you rule for suggesting this movie!

Afterwards we grabbed some coffee at Caribou and hung out on a third-floor bench away from all the obnoxious music while we talked about AMVs and the hideous things that happen to rice and wheat and kaiju, and then we wandered out to her car and gossiped and talked about Anime Detour some more and finally realized that she'd forgotten the dealer's room paperwork from this year's con. Oops. Well, it was still a great evening and we agreed we were going to have to do this again Real Soon. There's a lot of good movies coming out, so this may get to be a regular thing. I hope. #^__^#
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