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You're talking to a tourist whose every move's among the purest

Augh...up until 0430/0500 AM with Bill Tyler of the Northern League Fan's Guide (and, as a natural development, the American Association Baseball Fan's Guide) catching up on what's been happening in independent baseball since I gave up the Rebel Baseball Review in 2001 as part of the fallout from the divorce. (No, she didn't get it in the settlement; as a single parent, I just couldn't keep up any more.) Anyway, Bill has connections out the wazoo as the result of running nlfan.com these last thirteen years, and thinks the niche the RBR used to fill is still sitting there waiting to be filled now that Miles Wolff has sold Baseball America and Baseball Weekly has gone all Sporting News on us and started covering those other nonessential sports like hockey and football.

So...God knows I have enough on my plate what with getting ready to move out to Virginia and do the teaching thing, to say nothing of being Convergence's programming co-head and my ongoing involvement with Anime Detour, but sick puppy that I am, I'm actually thinking about re-starting the RBR. Somebody else owns the old URL, but there's ways around that, and once I pay my long-overdue webhosting bill to Skiltech for the old site, I can go back into business with a clear conscience.

Oh, yeah. Saints won 3-2 in twelve innings. I like to froze my ass off, just like the first playoff game I went to 11 years ago.
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